It's the Blueprint of the Plan of the Guide to What You are Building

While writing a Functional Specifications Document (FSD) may not be part of every Producers role, it is a skill worth spending some time developing.

Six Revisions

Six Revisions is a great resource for Producers. Focusing on development and design the site offers excellent insights on building websites such as this recent article on producing websites under difficult IT restrictions.

Live, Work, Meet Up

The Global Financial Crisis has hit a lot of countries quite hard financially. Many governments have had to take austerity measures in order to reduce costs, while looking at ways to shore up diminishing revenue streams.

5 Useful Firefox Add-ons for Web Producers

Over on Kontain, Future Interactive's Executive Producer Stephen Martin posted an excellent piece on what tools a producer at FI would use in their daily role.

This got me thinking, what tools I use on a daily basis, particularly given I currently work in a very restrictive corporate environment? While I have access to the normal Office suite of applications, the range of utility applications I can install is pretty much nil.

The Producer as the Project Manager

Recently I was outlining the role of a Online Producer it was asked of me:

"Isn't that just what a Project Manager does?"
It's a common misconception thrown around frequently, that is the idea that a producer is just another name for a Project Manager. So the question begs, why bother with producers?

The Author

Simon Mainwaring is a passionate and innovative web professional with a broad background in web production and site management. For the past two years his focus has been as a Web Producer driving complex collaborative projects in the Telecommunications space. Alongside his professional interest in all things web, Simon is also studying for a degree in Internet Communication, with a focus on how the internet has changed communication and interaction within society.