I getz da mad skillz

Trying to tie down one particular skill set an Online Producer should be focused on is, at the best of times, difficult.

Often described as a "Jack-of-all-trades-and-master-of-none", the producer needs to be across; development, design, usability, content, marketing and more, and more often than not, all at the same time.

This requirement for breadth of knowledge can lead to producers having broad but shallow pools of knowledge. Although this is not a failure as a producer,  Josh Hatch, Interactive Director at USA Today points out in the video below, there are ways to offset the limits in a producers skill set.

While Hatch is coming more from the content creator definition of producing, the concept sill stands. Build your knowledge across a wide range of areas, work on plugging your gaps and most importantly, add some depth to at least one area of expertise.

While taking this approach won't solve all problems, it is a right step forward to helping the producer better manage projects and deliver the end results.


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Simon Mainwaring is a passionate and innovative web professional with a broad background in web production and site management. For the past two years his focus has been as a Web Producer driving complex collaborative projects in the Telecommunications space. Alongside his professional interest in all things web, Simon is also studying for a degree in Internet Communication, with a focus on how the internet has changed communication and interaction within society.