It’s Really About Communication

Web Producer, Digital Producer, Online Producer, Interactive Producer no matter what you want to call it, they all do the same role. Depending on the business or industry there are always going to be discrepancies and variations on responsibilities, but at the end of the day the Online Producer is all about ensuring the smooth development and day to day running of a website.

With the above in mind, when people ask me what the hell does an Online Producer actually do, I tend to describe the role as the grease on the gears, working with a range of people across multiple teams from development to design to analytics to usability, translating the clients idea into web speak and the teams vision back into something the client can understand.

Communicate, communicate, communicate

So when you really get down to the nuts and bolts; to me being an Online Producer is not just about managing the process of building websites, it's about communication with a disparate group of people and making sure there vision is aligned and they are all working to the one common goal. I know this is really just one aspect of the role, but to me it is integral to the role. Let me know below if you agree.


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The Author

Simon Mainwaring is a passionate and innovative web professional with a broad background in web production and site management. For the past two years his focus has been as a Web Producer driving complex collaborative projects in the Telecommunications space. Alongside his professional interest in all things web, Simon is also studying for a degree in Internet Communication, with a focus on how the internet has changed communication and interaction within society.